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Here’s Not Looking at You
March 17, 2011 — 6:31 pm

It’s bad enough when the mobile version of a website won’t let you view the full version of the site on a mobile device unless you trick it by setting the device’s user agent to “desktop.” (I’m looking at you, Onion.) It’s even worse when not only does a site insist on giving you the mobile version, it also redirects you to the front page in the process. (Slate used to do that.)

Now there’s a site that will not only allow my phone to view NOTHING BUT the mobile version of the site, despite my user agent setting intended to trick it into giving me the real thing, but that mobile version is ALSO entirely blank. (Thanks, St. Louis American!)

Why do so many attempts at greater compatibility turn out to make things worse in practice?

ADDENDUM: When I posted this as a note on Facebook, Lee Sharpe pointed out this on-the-nose XKCD strip.

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