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Dispatches From Afghanistan #14
October 5, 2009 — 6:16 am

Subject: Semi-Regular Update

Greetings, all!

Today I took a trip up to Bala Hissar, an ancient fort overlooking Kabul. The fort is most famous for the slaughter of British Troops there during the Second Afghan War. It has also been used as a Soviet and Talaban strong-hold.

This was my first trip outside the Green-Zone, so it was a little hairy. We traveled up there to do an inventory of a map depot but we got to get out and walk around a bit afterwards. I’ve included pictures. The place is literally littered with burnt out husks of old Soviet hardware (T-64s, BMPs, BRPMs and artillary pieces). It’s pretty fascinating.

I’ll try to upload as many pictures as I can to my Flickr site as the week goes on.

Also, I wanted to thank everyone again for their response to my request for assistance for the childcare center here. So far people are sending clothes, school supplies, money and personal items. Thank you!

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