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Dispatches From Afghanistan #11
September 28, 2009 — 7:18 am

Subject: Justin’s Awesome Update from Afghanistan…Part 2

Heya, everybody!

So, just a quick update on what’s happening. In my previous two emails (I’m writing this for the benefit of a couple of people who were not included in those emails), I mentioned the childcare center located on the campus of where I’m working here in Kabul. (For pictures, see

I got a finalized list from the school mistress of the supplies they are requesting.

For the teachers: Basic hygiene supplies (Shampoo, creams, soap, etc)…

For the students: Basic school supplies. (Pens and pencils are a much needed commodity here). Notebooks, paper, drawing paper, etc…

I also mentioned several things they need for their classrooms: Linen (you can see the beds they have in the pictures I took). Pillows, towels, washcloths, etc…

If anyone feels so inclined to send money (American is fine, I can exchange it here), I can purchase some other things that would be cheaper to buy here. Some of those items are:

  • Fans for the class room
  • Space heaters
  • Paint to paint their walls
  • Cooking Oil
  • Rice and other foods
  • Carpets

And, of course, there are the bigger projects like rebuilding the classroom that was destroyed by mortar fire several years ago.

Since winter is coming up, winter clothes would be much appreciated. Gloves, mittens, boots, warm socks, hats, etc…

I have three months left in country. Anything you can send would be greatly appreciated. From what I can tell, these kids are well loved and taken care of to the best of the teacher’s abilities, but they really are lacking even the most basic supplies.

Here is my address here:

Justin M. Stoddard
APO AE 09356

In other news. I was sitting down at our training facility today (about a mile outside of base) when I heard a very loud BOOM. Everyone jumped up and I immediately threw on my body armor, helmet and chambered a round in my side arm. I tried to call back to base but I wasn’t getting any answers. I sat there for about ten minutes before I got my interpreter and we walked out to the guards (Afghan National Army) and asked them what happened. Apparently, someone overfilled a tire on his car and the tire exploded, making the BOOM. So, yeah, everyone was pretty much laughing at me. :)

I hope everyone is well and I always look forward to your emails!

— Justin M. StoddardComments (0)

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