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Pompous Circumstance
June 6, 2009 — 12:06 pm

You know, when I think on it, there hasn’t been a single high-school principal I’ve known whom I’ve respected. And, the more I read about them, the more they disgust me. Whether they are banning touch sports, suspending students for sniffing markers or, the latest, denying students the one day they’ve earned after twelve years in hell:

But when commencement rehearsal time came Thursday morning, her mother, Maria Ramos, developed a painful migraine headache, leaving her unable to drive.

Ramos explained that behind the wheel, “it’s really dangerous for myself, my daughter.”

Not holding her own driver’s license, Lopez took off, walking 2.3 miles to the high school.

She says she arrived at 11 a.m., well past the 10 a.m. mandatory rehearsal time.

A district spokeswoman confirmed that principal Mike Chrietzberg disqualified Lopez, since the rule to be there on time and for the entire rehearsal, is clear and firm.

“I just took it like very badly because it’s something that I’ve been waiting for,” Lopez said.

I’m not even going to assume there’s “more to the story” than we’re hearing, as many apologists for these kinds of actions often claim. It’s easier for me to believe that principal Mike Chrietzberg is a petty little man who accepts no interruptions in his little fiefdom.

Principal Mike Chrietzberg, if teaching students that they must bend to arbitrary, stupid, unbending power, is your goal, you’ve done a bang up job. May I suggest you get a new job? Perhaps selling pencils on a street corner would be more suitable to your abilities?

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