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You Waited Four Months for This?
February 9, 2008 — 1:49 am

So, I’m up watching an episode of I’ve Got a Secret TiVo’d from two nights ago, and I start to wonder why one of the panelists looks so familar. I’ve seen the show several times before (I only just started recording it regularly, though) and I was sure I recognized Betsy Palmer from somewhere — but I couldn’t place her. IMDb cleared that up soon enough, revealing that she had appeared as Mrs. Vorhees in the original Friday the 13th film. Curious about the rest of her career, I perused the listings, noticing that she played “Aunt Mildred” 12 years later in Still Not Quite Human, the third installment in a Disney Channel made-for-TV-movie franchise that had started a few years earlier. I never saw this installment (or the second one), so it wouldn’t be notable outside of the fact that it made me remember that the first Not Quite Human is where I remembered seeing Robyn Lively for the first time (although I definitely saw her the year before in the Amazing Stories episode she made, I don’t remember having registered her presence per se at the time). Robyn Lively is mostly notable to me, to this day, because she appeared in a few episodes of my beloved Twin Peaks, and so she more or less gets a free pass for life in terms of me being at least slightly interested when she appears onscreen. This all led me to wonder what Robyn Lively is up to these days, so I checked out her current filmography and bio, noticing that her siblings, Eric, Jason, Blake, and Elaine are all in the entertainment business as well. “Huh. I’ve never heard of them before,” I think. So, curiosity sated, and ancient I’ve Got a Secret episode finally concluded, I delete the game show and scroll up the TiVo menu to Letterman, recorded earlier in the evening. I check the episode summary before hitting play, and see that the guests tonight are: Colin Farrell, Lenny Kravitz, and . . . Blake Lively. I Shiite you not. Turns out Blake was in Cloverfield. Nice.

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