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D’Souza Delirium
January 19, 2007 — 9:45 pm

I wonder how fast (or even if) Conservatives will back away from Dinesh D’Souza’s new polemic, The Enemy at Home: The Cultural Left and Its Responsibility for 9/11

D’Souza (a prominent Christian Conservative) has this to offer the world:

Falwell’s point after 9/11 was that God was punishing America of its sins. My point is entirely secular: Why did the guys who did it, do it? Surely five years after 9/11, it’s reasonable to ask this question. And both the Right and the Left have been operating under illusions. The radical Muslims are against modernity and science and democracy. The radical Muslims are upset because of colonialism and the Crusades. It’s all nonsense. That’s not what the leading thinkers of radical Islam say. And Bin Laden’s own views are quite different. In his Letter to America, issued shortly after 9/11, he said that America is the fount of global atheism and it is imposing its morally depraved values on the world. So Muslims must rise up in defensive jihad against America because their religion and their values are under attack. This aspect of Bin Laden’s critique has been totally ignored, and it’s one that resonates with a lot of traditional Muslims and traditional people around the world.

D’Souza’s point here is that secularists in America are “attacking” the religion of Islam by condoning things like atheism, pornography, and homosexuality; hence Liberals are to blame for 9/11. Get it?

Absolutely amazing. I mean, really. Amazing.

I’m waiting for Sweden to explode in a mushroom cloud. After all, all those atheists over there are busily attacking the Islamic faith with their non belief.

Don’t they know the mortal danger they’re putting themselves in?

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