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Those Cwrazy Cops
May 29, 2004 — 6:00 pm

I was checking out’s blog the other day and came across the following amusing comment (in reference to the current “Clickit or Ticket” paranoia/shakedown canvassing our country):

The seatbelt law should exempt geezers on medicare and others who are hopelessly on the public dole. Seriously, I love those “click it or ticket” billboards that have group photos of glaring police officers. They always make sure a variety of races and the sexes are represented (I don’t know why they don’t include an officer in a wheelchair, though).. but they make sure they include at least two white guys.. heads shaved and look like they’re straight out of the Marines. The looks on their faces is crystal clear: “Put your fucking seatbelt on or we’re gonna kick your fucking teeth in.” I feel so safe.

Speaking of police officers, Pennsylvania’s finest have a new gig:

Camo cops catch speeders

Now meet the “Camo Cops,” dressed to catch speeders and make roadways safer.

This week, state troopers from the Indiana barracks began donning camouflage gear to nab fast-moving motorists in Indiana County.

And they plan to do more of the same.

“We love it. The motorists may not like it because they think it’s sneaky, but you have to look at the possibilities” and purpose, said Shawn Houck, safety press officer for PennDOT District 10, which includes Indiana County.

I suspect motorists aren’t so simplistic with their skepticism. Perhaps they don’t like it since it is somewhat unseemly for traffic cops to be hanging out in the woods donned for combat for the express reason of handing out speeding tickets. No word yet when they will be issued their M-16s.

And finally, this little gem from my current State of residence, Missouri:

Imagine cops throwing you out of your own child’s graduation just for expressing your joy.

It happened Monday night to several families at a local ceremony, and it was all caught on tape.

KCTV5’s Liana Joyce reported live on “KCTV5 News at 6 p.m.” that there was a dress code and a behavior code that was strictly followed at the Grandview High School graduation.

One family who got kicked out for cheering their son’s accomplishments said it was being taken too far.

It all began when 18-year-old Brandon Sample’s family clapped and whistled as the Grandview grad walked across the stage.

It may have seemed harmless, but it was enough to get them tossed out of the ceremony.

On home video, a police officer said, “You’ve got to leave.”

A woman said, “This is a celebration, sir.”

The police officer said: “I know. The school didn’t want you, them doing that. You don’t leave, you go to jail. You understand that?”

Watch the video and judge for yourself just how disruptive this family was. I counted about two consecutive seconds of cheering. In Missouri, that just about enough to get you thrown in the Icehouse.


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