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Blasting Out My Eardrums
September 3, 2003 — 8:11 pm

I’ve been much too busy lately. I stayed up until 5:30 a.m. finishing up the September issue of No Uncertain Terms, so I could send copies out to the powers that be for final approval and get it to the printer as early as possible today. And I spent most of today putting together a biweekly mailing of Common Sense CDs and cassettes to dozens and dozens and dozens of radio stations. And over the weekend I had to get the Tranquil Space newsletter and tons of web site edits finished. For both Tranquil Space and U.S. Term Limits. Not to mention slow progress on some stuff I’m writing for Liberty. Over the next few days I need to create a new Michigan term limits web site and talk to another cat about some freelance web stuff he needs done . . .

So I’ll let Justin be the one to pay attention to current events and libertarian infighting for the time being, as interesting as all that stuff is. (For the record, one of my coworkers is good friends with Sheldon Richman, and another one of my coworkers is good friends with Robert Bidinotto, and both of these coworkers are friends with each other — and with me. And although I don’t know Wendy McElroy personally, she and I are both Liberty contributing editors. The FFF is a regular Liberty advertiser, and Jacob Hornberger seemed like a nice enough guy the times I’ve met him. What a tangled web . . .).

Intead of diving into all that messy stuff, I’ll just tell you what I’m listening to.

Among the things I sent my sister for her birthday, I put together a mix disc of Henry Threadgill music. Threadgill is one of my favorite musicians and composers, but listening to his music while I’m trying to get other stuff done is not always easy going — it’s not always tonal or rhythmic in obvious ways. But this disc I put together for my sister is like crack for me — I’ve been listening to a copy I made for myself constantly. It’s still not exactly easy going, but it all tends to groove in some intriguing ways, and I can concentrate on other things while it’s blasting out my eardrums. Here’s the lineup:

  1. “Next” (9:04)
    Henry Threadgill Very Very Circus
    Live at Koncepts, 1991
  2. “Black Blues” (4:28)
    The Henry Threadgill Sextet
    Just the Facts and Pass the Bucket, 1983
  3. “Come Carry the Day” (6:06)
    Henry Threadgill Very Very Circus
    Carry the Day, 1994
  4. “King Porter Stomp” (3:48)
    Air Lore, 1979
  5. “Little Pocket Size Demons” (10:49)
    Henry Threadgill Very Very Circus
    Too Much Sugar for a Dime, 1993
  6. “Paper Toilet” (5:39)
    Henry Threadgill Very Very Circus
    Too Much Sugar for a Dime, 1993
  7. “Hope A Hope A” (7:40)
    Henry Threadgill Very Very Circus
    Spirit of Nuff . . . Nuff, 1990
  8. “Do the Needful” (6:53)
    Henry Threadgill’s Zooid
    Up Popped the Two Lips, 2001
  9. “Try Some Ammonia” (12:23)
    Henry Threadgill Very Very Circus
    Too Much Sugar for a Dime, 1993
  10. “When Was That?” (10:22)
    The Henry Threadgill Sextet
    When Was That?, 1982
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  1. great taste

    Comment by Sen — April 21, 2014 @ 11:57 am

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